Classic Deodorant Balm (with baking soda)

The Venus in Leo Deodorant Balm is an all natural deodorant that actually works. This gender neutral product is strong enough (and gentle enough) for all types of bodies.

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How it works:

Super moisturizing- a combination of raw shea nut butter, organic raw cocoa butter, raw mango nut butter, and organic coconut oil make your skin supple and aid in cell regeneration.

Anti-bacterial- a special blend of essential oils with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties will keep you odor free on even the sweatiest days.

Keeps you fresh- Creamy to touch and silky smooth to apply, the arrowroot powder keeps you nice and dry.

Light, mellow scent- This deodorant is perfect for people who don’t want a strong smell that will attract bees, wasps, and/or mosquitoes during the summer months, or clash with their favorite perfume. The scent is subtly chocolatey and herbal straight out of the jar (a combination of the cocoa butter and the essential oils) and it mellows out to an almost neutral smell as it interacts with your body’s pheromones. You’ll still smell like you but way better.

A note about the Original vs. Unscented Balms-

Original- Slightly chocolatey with hints of tea tree, oregano, and lemon oil. Great if you’re looking for something pretty neutral but still want the essential oil odor-fighting power.

Scent Sensitive (Unscented)- Includes NO essential oils. Smells lightly of the organic virgin coconut oil, which fades once applied. Great for those with scent sensitives/allergies.

BEST OF ALL it comes in a sexy reusable glass jar that will look great on your vanity or dresser. This deodorant works by naturally inhibiting the growth of odor causing bacteria in your underarms instead of covering it up like mainstream brands. Note: This is not an antiperspirant. You will still sweat (which is important for regulating body temperature and expelling toxins).

DIRECTIONS: All you need is a pea to blueberry sized amount under each arm and you’re good to go! This jar should last 3-5 months. Mine generally last 5. Pro tip: It works best on clean armpits. If you’re having a rough morning a quick swipe with a wet washcloth will do. If you’re switching from a non-natural deodorant give your body a few days to adjust. During this period you may need to re-apply at some point during the day.

If you are switching from a non-natural deodorant, be sure to give your body a little time to adjust. During this time you may need to reapply every so often. Also, if you’re unfamiliar with any of the ingredients be sure to do a test on a patch of skin before going all out. A small percentage of the population has baking soda sensitivity, which may result in rash or redness. If this is you, discontinue use and grab our baking soda free formula!

Buy Now in 2 oz.

Buy Now in .5 oz

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