I created Venus in Leo in June of 2016 with the goal of providing effective and luxurious non-toxic body care products at accessible (and whenever possible, sliding scale) prices. Inspired by astrology, nature, and healing traditions from different parts of the world, my products strive to support individuals across race, gender, age, and ability in their personal journey towards healing, restoring, and loving their bodies.

All products are tried and true from my personal beauty regimen. I’ll never sell anything that I don’t believe in.

About the name: Individuals with Venus in Leo in their astrological charts are known to be unapologetically assertive, beautifully dramatic, and always stunning. We love to be the life of the party, low key think we should be treated like royalty, and can’t even be bothered with the haters. I believe that everyone has a little Venus in Leo in them and my products are designed to help you tap into that energy. I want my products to be there helping you love on yourself as you bask in your own radiance. Celebrities rumored to have this astrological orientation include: Micheal Jackson, Madonna, Whitney Houston, The Virgin Mary, the Dalai Lama, Coco Chanel, and Kelis. Get into it.


Bimbola Akinbola, creator of Venus in Leo Bodycare